Monday, May 27, 2019

Computer is back!! And, but ... harrumph. Anyway, new art.

Michael 4 in person. Call this character Jack
Yes -- the computer is home! Meaning, new art today, beginning with the leading man, hero type, above. Is it just me, or does he remind you of Captain Jack? As in, Harkness. Something about him just makes John Barrowman come to mind! Anyway, this character -- call him Jack, and expect to see him again very soon! And...

Terragen skyscape: Dawn Light
Yep, Terragen 4 is on and working: a 100% clean download, no problems whatsoever. The computer is working fine. Surprise: it didn't come home any faster, which is a trifle odd. I'd expected it to be screamingly fast with soooo much "swap disk space." Then again, it was always like greased lightning, so, no complaints there. Also, although this gorgeous Terragen evening sky did take twenty minutes to render, the desktop never got up above a normal working temperature, whereas the laptop, which (having eight core processors) would have rendered it in the same time, but would have been HOT. I mean, fry eggs type hot. So I'm happy. And...

Bryce 7 Pro abstract art: Mountain Lake at Dawn
Bryce 7 Pro, abstract art: mountain lake at dawn. A quickie render finished in Photoshop to bring out the fabulous reds in the sky. Which tells you that Bryce is on and working, and Photoshop is on and working. So --

What ain't working? Ahem. DAZ Studio 4.10 was not, repeat not, a clean download. It gave me one of those virtually meaningless error messages, installed its framework and then refused to install any content into that framework, on account of a "PostgreSQL CMH Connection error." Like that's going to mean anything to me. Double Dutch. Except ... if memory serves me, SQL is a programming language developed to handle online stores. Uh huh. So 4.10 failed to set up its umbilical cord to connect my computer to the shop??? And, having stumbled right there, it refused to install any content, even though my Product Library has ten pages of goodies I bought many years ago. As I said, harrumph.

Soooo, I chased the problem to their Forums, and Help Page. Found the instructions to 'fix' this --

Oh, yes? What a shock: no joy. The instructions don't work. Next?

Tech support, submit a ticket, and wait. Wait. Wait

And that's where we are, regarding DAZ Studio 4.10, Genesis and all: waiting. But I've got Studio 3 working, and all the rest, and now that I have oodles of hard disk space I can delve into the truck loads of models I bought as long ago as 2013, and install them! Yep, new toys to render, even though you'll only see those renders in raytraces, until Tech Support gets this sorted out for me. Sorry, guys. Bear with me.

I'll keep you posted when I know more myself!
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