Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creating characters: the classic Western meets DAZ 3D!

Back in the Old West today ... 3D style! And I couldn't resist playing "mix and match" with the 3D models I picked up in the sale a few days ago. The Remendado skin map is a fantastic add-on to Michael 4 -- then, add the Mon Chevalier hair ... it really sets off the older face. I'm one of those souls who actually (gosh! wow! golly!) likes guys with a few years on their shoulders. One of the things I like best is looking at a face and figuring out what events have made him into the guy he is...

Now, if you compare today's version of the character with yesterday, there's HUGE differences. Okay, sure, he's wearing the rose tattoos, and sure, I made him blond today. But check out the physique, people. There you go: Morphs++ in action. I tweaked the "muscle builder" slider, then the "definition" slider. Then, "smooth" just a big because too many sinews were showing; and then I opened up specifically the arms and shoulders and pumped the triceps and biceps...

The poor man has quite a workout. He didn't seem to mind. I also couldn't decide between the above two renders, so I'm uploading both -- you decide! And while you're there, check out the six-pack abs! That's the Old Tucson saloon in the background ... just a pic off the web that was heavily worked on before being used here.

Then, having cleaned up the town like any roaming, lordless samurai, all he wants now is a square meal ... and a crack at the best looking unattached young beauty in town ... and if the twinkle in that eye is anything to go by, I don't think gender's going to matter much!

Back tomorrow with something more lucid ... not too much prose today. Half the group here has come down with a stomach virus, and we're actually trying not to heave most of the time. No idea where we picked it up, but it's hit three out of four of us here ... the good news is, you can't can't it over the Internet. Not that kind of virus!

Jade, 28 January

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