Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The vampire ... 3D allure

The vampire's bedchamber ...! "Invitation from the Vampire," no less...! Amadeus invites you to, uh, stick around and drink a little hundred year old brandy, and maybe see what happens next!

It might not look like it, but these images are the result of an assignment I set myself. Could I take leather and, by changing the settings, turn it into organza -- that silky stuff that's like gossamer. And the answer it, yep, I did it!

Ready for this? The leather pants in this picture, right above, and the flimsy, silky underwear ... they're the same model. The organza is literally transparent, white, lighter than air, just floating around the model. The Leather is, well, leather. I've been wanting to take a crack at this for weeks, and haven't had the opportunity.

Suffice to say, it's all about jiggling the settings in the Surfaces tab. Basically, you drop out the maps, bumps and textures and what have you -- these are the support files that give the model its appearance. If you delete these, all you have left is the shape. Then, set the color to whatever you need, and then fiddle about with the opacity, the glossiness, the reflection and refraction, and ... leather becomes organza. Just the kind of thing an Immortal who learned to love silk and wine and hedonistic self-indulgence would be wearing in his boudoir.

The costume (such as it is, he he he) is actually the leather pants from the Wood God set of props. This is such a cool effect. And you have to admit, the Vampire Amadeus is a beauty. I don't think he'd have to offer twice...

Jade, 20 January

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