Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Male fantasy 3D: Icarus

Here's one of history's greatest fantasies, in 3D ... Icarus ... and I guess his wings have already melted but he hasn't quite realised it yet! He's still soaring. If I had the 3D wings, I'd have put the wings on him -- but I don't have that model yet. I would adore to have the wings ... but the model ain't not cheap --

It's on my wish list, and when I get it, I'll come back to Icarus, here, and add the wings onto him!

Update: got the wings some time later, and have used them many times. They look fantastic when overpainted in Photoshop. For example, this image from 2012:

...uh, end of update!

In the meantime, I had a whole lot of fun with the concept of a model in freefall, so I did a few more renders ... I honestly couldn't pick one, so I mounted them all, and here's the lot, for your consideration. You choose!

Does anyone remember the scene in Death's Head -- actually, it was an Angel fantasy, during Stone's really whacked-out trip -- where he fantasized Jarrat with green skin and wings, and they're flying, "living flight," and doing all sorts of things at cloud level...! Looking at this series of renders (after they were done, mind you!) makes me think of that. And grin.

Anyway -- these are just a series of beauty shots today, because I'm swamped, overloaded, buried, overwhelmed, with work and I don't have time to write a lot. You're never going to believe this, but the images are the quick part! Blogging, writing a good-sized post, takes longer than making the images. And I know that sounds impossible, but it's absolutely true.

So I'll be back tomorrow with something hopefully a lot more coherent, and right now I just have to race off back to work before somebody comes after me with a large blunt object.

Jade, 6 January
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