Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fantasy ... 3D visions

The fantasy barbarian ... or is it a barbarian fantasy? DAZ Studio 3 makes this way too easy. It's tougher figuring out what to paint next than actually doing rhe paintings! For this one, I wanted to stay with the big hunky barbarian -- Conan who? -- from yesterday, but I also wanted to do something different. So Conan got a makeover: blond. And doesn't it suit him?

It was a lot of fun doing these pictures. Lose the bow and quiver from yesterday ... keep the rest of the costume (the strappy sandals from the Horizon Redux set, the kirtle from the Wood God set, and the Evangelique hair. Oh, and the forearm guard from the Horizon Redux set, and the background is still the Backgrounds Made Easy set -- which is a godsend. Worth five times its value, at least to like likes of me, doing this kind of work...

Then, change the kirtle to red, change the hair to pale straw gold, and reset the lights. The hardest part (and it's not exactly hard) is setting the hair to lie properly around the shoulders when the character moves. The hair has to sort of float around as he moves. remember, also, this is a style designed to fit Victoria, not Michael 4, so -- as I explained yesterday -- you can't "fit the hair to the model" at all. You have to fit the model to the hair!

Right now, I'd rather like to have this barbarian meet up with the Vampire Amadeus. Now, who would eat whom alive?! If I get the time later today, I'll set that up, see what happens. Now, do I take Amadeus out of the Itaian Renaissance and plunk him back into the Hyborean Age, or do I have the Barbarian (he needs a name) take a trip on the Tardis and blunder into the Italian Renaissance? Decisions, decisions!

My memory jogs at last (short term memory is always the first to go), and finally I remember yo put up the link to the "adults only" version of the Vampire Amadeus flaunting the whole lot, all the masculine charm a vampire can command. Here's my favorite from the original series of renders:

And here's the link to see the whole series of renders:

And if you want the whole picture ... Amadeus in the state the elder gods created him! ... then go ahead and click here -- and don't write me any whining letters if you have a heart attack because vampires don't wear jockey shorts!

Join me again tomorrow for the further adventures...

Jade, 22 January

Adventures in DAZ Studio 3 ...Project One!

Download the PDF -- print out if you want to. You'll be astonished at what we can cover in this beginning tutorial ... and watch out for Project Two!
In this first tutorial, let me show you a world of new skills:

Navigate the interface
Open and Save files
Load a model (Michael 4)
Load an accessory (the hairdo)
Pose the model several ways
Fine-tune model pose/expression
Change perspective, angle and zoom
Set numerous point lights
Finely adjust the lights
Clone point lights
Set the render size in dimensions and resolutionSpot render on the fly
Recolor, crop and resize a background image
Set the background image in place
Render the final image

That's a great suite of skills! In the next project, we’ll be looking at more ofeverything: more props, more lights, more poses, real backgrounds.We’ll put a costume on Michael 4; we’ll add a high-resolution skin map, and we’ll look at howto make him “anatomically correct.”

Download size: 8MB (sorry: the tutorial revolves around images, there's no way to compress this).

Just $5!
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