Friday, January 22, 2010

The gunfighter: 3D art meets Hollywood, in style!

The essential science fiction hero ... which 3D seems to love. He's a gunfighter, but it's way in the future. I'm reminded of Firefly -- and even Star Wars! But the Chinese characters on the holster really make you think of Firefly...

"Hey, dude," he says to a passing freight handler, "I just got into town. I'm looking for a guy, name of Solo. Han Solo. You know him?"

"What's it to ya?" Says the cargo handler. "You looking to plug him? He, like, owes you money?" And so the story goes!
By this time I was having loads of fun with the Surfaces tab ... you wouldn't believe it, but that's the same model as the vee-neck sweater! Basically, drop out all the textures and colors ... set a new color and set the opacity way down, and a machine-knit sweater turns to silk -- which would be just the thing for Tattooine.

And when I got to the final render ... the gunfighter has asked the wrong question of the wrong person, and it's going to turn into a contest to see who's faster on the draw! ... I couldn't decide if I liked it better with or without the silk shirt. You decide!

Not too much text here today ... out of time, and biiiig headache to top it all off. So enjoy the pics, and join me again tomorrow, when (if my head has quit aching) I'll talk about how the character was created. If you don't recognize that face, don't think you're going nuts. It's new -- designed from the ground up, before this damn' headache got started!

Jade, 23 January
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