Thursday, February 11, 2010

Experiments in raytracing ... exercises in patience!

Raytracing versus the Deep Shadow Map -- rendering option under test. Right? Well, that's the plan! I have a raytraced version of the top image in this series rendering in the background as I type this. It's been rendering for 45 minutes already and is only 70% done!

So, the rest of this post must wait till tomorrow, since it's 11:59pm, and I need to get some sleep! Join me tomorrow, and we'll compare the Deep Shadow Map rendition of the portrait with the Raytraced one...

And now -- I'm going to bed, and the computer can do its thing in the wee small hours!

Jade, 11 February

The Experiment continues!

I uploaded the results at 1:1, with the discussion overlaid, so please click on the pic to get to the text -- and at full-size, take a look at how the raytracing rendered the eyes and the necklace. Whoa. Now, to fix the problem of the light. Next experiment: ditch the mondo lights (which are part of the environment used to construct this series of renders), go back to manually-set lights as designed and placed by ME, and then render again. Later. Because this simple pic took well over an hour to render, and I can only set it to "go!" when I dribble away or dinner...!

If you're as interested in this as I am, keep coming back to this post, and I'll update it with the experiment results as we go, till I get it right. Then we'll all know how to do this!

Jade, 12 February
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