Saturday, September 18, 2010

3D alpine snows, and website design

More or less a grab-bag today, because I feel horrific ... not well. Need blankie and pillow and world to away and leave me alone -- but it's not likely to, so you "solider on" regardless!

Two things to blog about ... and it depends on your perspective, which is the most important If you're trying to get Bryce and DAZ to shake hands and work in concert, then you'll be more interested in the renders above. If you're more interested in gorgeous gay heroes and cutting edge science fiction, then you'll get more of a rush from this:

Yes -- at long, long last can tackle the job of building the NARC site ... the website absolutely devoted to Mel Keegan's NARC novels. can get into this properly because I've recently been able to recover the characters that were designed 6 - 10 months ago. They were lost due to a software malfunction which meant couldn't open any of the old project files. Then I was able to recover them ... the characters are back full force. Now, have the dimensions to work to for the art. It'll take hundreds of renders to flesh out the website, and I'm going to enjoy this!Working with alien cities, spaceships, super-carriers, exotic heroes -- oh, yes! The website won't happen overnight, but it'll be along, and I'll keep you posted as the work comes together.

The renders that went up first are more interesting to artists trying to wrap their heads around Bryce. You could be forgiven for thinking they were all rendered in Bryce ... not true!

The first render was done in Bryce -- the one with the stormy sky, and twilight. Then I wanted to stand Michael 4 in the landscape, and believe it, it's faaaaar easier to export the terrain out of Bryce and import it into DAZ, and add the other scene elements there. So this is what you do:

Design the terrain, get it looking juuuuust right. Then export it at top quality, with TIFF bumps and texture files. Then import this into DAZ, and import all the rest of the bits to make the image. This one uses DM's fir tree, plus Michael 4, wh's wearing Neftis's GQ Event hair, and the Morphing jacket, and the pants and shoes from the Lockwood set. The roll-neck sweater is actually part of the jacket prop.

Someone needs to design some fantastic sweaters for Michael 4 ... Argyle, Fairisle, cable...

Actually, I really like the way DAZ renders this terrain. Bryce generated it easily, and DAZ loves it. I'm going to hang onto this one, for anytime I need a really good mountainside. You do need a bit of processor power, because in the high-rez settings used to get the exported OBJ this detailed, it's a 52B object ... then you add the textures.

Jade, 19 September
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