Monday, September 20, 2010

The view from the roof

One heck of a view from a 3D roof, out over a futuristic 3D city. This was done using Dystopia City Blocks (from DAZ), and I made the rooftop and parapet using pieces from the SFCS Science Fiction Construction Set. The sky and skyline were rendered separately in Bryce; the lights were set up in DAZ to compliment the sky colors, and the sky was changed three times to simulate different times of day.

These were uploaded at 1000 pixels wide -- click on them to see them fill-size ... check out the detail ... there's a park down there, trees and all!

So, where are you standing? I can tell you exactly! You're in the city of Venice in the northern tropics of Darwin's World. The simulation grounds are way off in the southwest. Fairview Sector and the seashore are behind you and a off to the left. You're standing in the airpark right on top of the NARC building. The club where Jesse Lawrence dances -- since he's given up being a Companion, and left Avalon to live in his city -- is downtown -- right before you there.

Imagine heavy, sultry air, tropical humidity, the squawk of parrots and the distant rumble of heavy engines ... the spaceport is just south of here. And Darwin's World is about two weeks' flight time from Earth in one direction, and a couple of weeks from Avalon in the other. Colonel Bill Dupre parks on this roof, and this is where the shuttles bring officers like Jarrat and Stone when they're on Darwin's.

This is so cool, you gotta love it! If you're wondering what all this is about, and if you're all growed up and everything, you could do worse than ... check this out.
The only caveat I need to make is that this is not kidstuff.

Right now, a lot of the artwork I'm doing is for the new website, so these books are very much on my mind. Also, we're about to take on the monster job of processing all the books through to go to Kindle. So again, this SF series is never far from my mind.

But tomorrow it's going to be something very different ... grand fantasy and breathless beauty. See you then!

Jade, 21 September
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