Friday, September 17, 2010

Dawn breaks over the glen ... and check out this blue chrome device

The background was done in Bryce a few days ago -- am still very proud of this one, because nothing in the whole shot was a preset, and everything was puzzled out bit by bit. In other words, I actually know how I did it, and could do it again. Then, when we saw Leon return to life -- or at least digital life -- my imagination put the two together.

The scenario is that he's a wandering ronin, almost immortal, the result of magickal experiments done a long time ago before the magic was outlawed. There were only ever a handful of his kind, and now they're outcasts, because they're so much stronger, faster and smarter than ordinary mortals, no one trusts them. They earn a very good living as assassins and bodyguards, but they're usually alone. Leon, here, is on a job to right some wrong, or avenge someone. Not being welcome in the town below the glen, he camps in the old temple on the hillside, and it's a fantastic vantage point to watch the sun rise over the icy mountains in the far distance...

Thing is, he's not alone ... but he doesn't know it yet. Friend or foe?

Join me tomorrow, and find out! And yes, this is a lot of fun.

The other thing I did today is this -- and I've been wanting to do this for ages:

The Blue Ravens unit badge. A Pacific Northwest raven (Salish, Haida, Tlingit, something like that), but done in blue chrome. This came out so well. I drew the raven motif in Serif, then filled it with blue chrome and put some 3D effects on it, also in Serif. Am bouncing this off Mel Keegan, and if it gets a nod, this will be the unit badge ... all you have to do is change the matte to gold, and you get Gold Raven, and so on.

Jade, 17 September
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