Monday, September 20, 2010

Tropical paradises, exotic hunks and SF characters...

My imagination is running away to tropical islands ... and gorgeous hunks in exotic fantasy tales ... because I'm still too sick to think properly. Messing about with art is about as far as my brain will go. Apologies to all who are waiting for me to catch up with myself and be brilliant with complex jobs. I can't make it happen right now: editing requires more braincells than I seem to possess. And how I have FOUR editing jobs waiting for me, so I knoooow I have to get myself back into gear. A few days, guys. Bear with me.

Resurrected today are two more of the NARC characters: the Russian XO of the NARC-Athena, and the pilot who's next in seniority right behind him. Mischa Petrov looks to be giving Curt Gable a rough time. Then again, he gives everybody a rough time -- if you know the books, he's "the man you love to hate!"

I do have a couple more characters designed, and will debut them in the next couple of days. The above at characters designed for the NARC series, by Mel Keegan. Very adult science fiction which is coming to life in 3D art, while you watch...

The wolf, in the fantasy renders above, is a great model -- but no way can I get the fur to load, so what you're seeing here is the best I can do with textures and displacement maps. It's fine if you don't look too closely, but it doesn't stand up so well when you get very close to the model. I'm still waiting for an answer from DAZ's tech support about why the fur won't load ... will keep you up to date with how that turns out.

Now, back to the couch with the blankie and the pillow --!

Jade, 20 September
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