Saturday, September 25, 2010

You can trust me, I'm a doctor. Meet Harry Del!

He's almost an outcast in his own community. He's a healer -- but they call him a "queer," and they're not referring to his sexual preference! He's an empathic healer, and a lot of people don't like the idea of someone else sharing ... not their thoughts, but their feelings.

It's about 350 years from now, and people can still find something to bitch about, right? But as it happens, they don't have much to bitch about. The Rethan mutoids were a perfectly natural product of an error in the terraforming process. The specialists who set up the machines missed something in the planet's natural environment, and in the first century after colonization, several generations of kids were born ... special. Some were telepathic, others had psychic abilities like precognition.

Meet Harry Del -- Doctor Harry Del. After growing up with the abilities of the empathic healer, he also went to college, qualified as a doctor. In fact, a surgeon. But his best work is done with his own special gift. Luckily for Kevin Jarrat. When Eve Lang scraped Jarrat off the ground in the city of Chell -- beaten and left for dead -- she took him to Harry, who was probably the only human being on any world who could mend him. Now, Stoney had been chasing his partner all over the planet, using all the resources of NARC, and no few of the Blue Ravens ... but the fact is, it was Eve and Harry to pulled off this feat of magic...

And if you know you've missed something major -- and so long as you're an adult who doesn't freak out at glbt content, check this out!

Yes, I'm working on the art for the new NARC website -- and it's a lot like casting a movie. Mel Keegan is delighted with this design for Harry Del, with one exception -- the eyebrows needs to be heavier. To achieve that, I'm going to have to hand-paint the skin map. I can do that, but ... not today. Also, the word on Curt Gable is: the boy isn't so muscular. He's rangy, very slim. So I'll be returning to Gable in a few days, and you'll see a leaner character there. But the Mischa Petrov has the stamp of approval, so ... that's another one done! (See the first round of designs on these two here.)

Jade, 26 September
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