Monday, September 27, 2010

Queen of the Jungle ... George's kid sister. Right.

Somebody mentioned to me the other day, if I was going to do the King of the Jungle when he was a lean teen ingenue, fair being fair, I ought to do the Queen of the Jungle the same way. So here you go:

Tarzana, lost in the jungle at the age of two, when a plane crashed in the Bukuvu, where she was rescued by an ape named Ape, and raised in a treehouse with a big brother called George.

Meanwhile, at a very big and expensive waterhole set --!

Seriously, forgetting George of the Jungle and getting my mind off Brendan Fraser in a loincloth for a while, this is the same set and lights I created for the Yaoi Tarzan the other day. All I had to do was import a Victoria, put on a skinmap (Yaana), a wig (Spartacos hair), and a bitty little costume that's falling off everywhere (Andromeda, with my own textures and opacity maps set), and shoot away.

The other thing I had rendering in the background while these were going through, was this (and thank gods for a quad core) ...

That's the finished version, color corrected and all. Here's a couple of screen shots of the work in progress:

Above: a finished test render.

Below: the wire-frame universe you're actually working in, till you hit "render."

I'm starting to get the hang of this, but I have to admit, Bryce is not like working in DAZ. Having said that, one day the penny drops, and I think it's starting to, for me. I finally got the hang of enough of the basics for some of this to come into shape. There's soooooo much more to learn, but my hat's off to the company: Bryce 7 Pro is fantastic. It's the nearest thing to Vue ... but here's the important part: it's about quarter the price of the first level of Vue that actually works well enough to be worth its investment, and (!!) it will actually RUN on an ordinary desktop machine. Vue won't. On a quad core with four gigs of ram and a gig on the video card, Vue 8 Pioneer (the entry level freebie) is crashing to the desktop or locking up. Makes me very, very edgy about paying two hundred bucks for Vue 8 Esprit. Meanwhile, Bryce 7 Pro is working a treat, never crashes, and I really am getting getting the hang of it.

Jade, 27 September
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