Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jarrat, Stone and -- look who else is back!

Screen tests for Jarrat and Stone, and particularly Jarrat's hair. Verdict: go back to the original hair! A message from Mel Keegan hisself reads, "Dave is right. The first hairdo is Jarrat. Fantastic to have them back."

And it gets better. The work invested in getting the NARC and Hellgate characters back also brings back the others. If you were following this blog six months ago, you'll know that I had a virus problem -- SIXTEEN viruses got into this machine. We had to do something very close to a reformat, and when the software came up again. none of the original DAZ projects would reopen. So you haven't seen any of the characters from NARC and Hellgate etc, for six months. But --

After a tremendous amount of work and fiddling around, look who else is back: helooooo, beautiful!

Call him Leon. I mourned the loss of this character, even tried to recreate him. Never could. So you can imagine the great joy when I finished fiddling about, opened the file and saw this face!

Today's Bryce work doesn't look spectacular, but in fact, from my perspective, it is:

The renders are quite unremarkable, except for one thing – at least for me! This terrain was built from scratch ... with a JPEG image, which I painted in an oooold paint program. This is very cool. Now, it needs a lot of work –- which it’s not going to get today. The slopes need some more striations or something similar, so they don’t look "geometrical" when you put the water into the low areas. I think I know how to do that at the painting stage. Will find out, the next time I have the
chance to spend a quality afternoon with Bryce.

Tomorrow, I hope to resurrect Gil Cronin and Joe Ramos ... not only that, but I'll show you the NARC Blue Raven gunship! It's, um, exciting.

Jade, 14 September
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