Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gay heroes ... the NARC Blue Ravens are back in the air!

As promised, NARC Blue Raven 6 and Blue Raven 7 are back ... Gil Cronin and Joe Ramos themselves ... and this time around they have the sets and props and the works! That's the Starcarrier set, which is doubling as the Blue Raven hangar, and that's the Typhon's Rage gunship ... on which I've changed the dimensions, overall size -- and also the insignia:

It actually does say NARC Blue Raven on the side of that that gunship!

I haven't had time to change over the unit badges on the flight suits. They're still saying Green Hornets, which is how the costume ships. So for the time being I painted out that unit badge, and I'll replace it with the NARC logo as soon as I can. Everybody knows what the NARC logo looks like: the white dove in the mailed gauntlet, surrounded by the steel disk proclaiming NARC-Athena.

(In case you're wondering if you've missed a major motion picture somewhere along the road -- nope. It's Mel Keegan 's NARC -- five books, soon to be six. Not for kids ... be aware of GLBT content in these very adult SF novels! It's as if Tom Clancy and Greg Bear got together and wrote a monstrous SF series where where every futuristic scenario is explored ... drugs and sex and rock'n'roll ... and the sex is likely to be GLBT.)

And I'm wearing a big smile, because -- hee hee hee hee! -- I got my characters back, after the sixteen-virus computer disaster of March 2010, which caused me to lose them all for sis months!

Jade, 15 September
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