Saturday, September 25, 2010

Angels and demons

All uploaded at large size: click to see details...

There's a legend that tells of a strange ruin in the wilderness, and the demon who lives there ... a creature of surpassing beauty, wrought in liquid gold. None who see him in the last rays of the setting sun ever return. So the legend says, they don't want to return to the domain of the mortal and the mundane. Is he an demon, or is he an angel? Remember, all demons were once angels who were caught up in a disagreement, and cast out. Some of them fell further than others. Some seem to be wrought of liquid gold...

(DAZ Michael 4; Albane skinmap; Elven Prince hair; Wood God kirtle; Sabby eyes; Demon Wings; Elven Prince armband; my own textures applied to everything. Ten lights set to get the sunset effect, with one of DM's trees, and the set is Powerage's Fantasy Structure.)

Jade, September 25
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