Friday, September 3, 2010

Sunrise ritual ... happy post 350!

Happy Post 350! I wanted to do something especially nice for this post, because it's a bit of a milestone, and the last in the series of renders is the best. It's enhanced, painted in GIMP (with Ron's Bokeh brushes) and framed in Serif. But here's the whole series of pictures, in order of viewing:

The set is a new addition to my library. Right on cue, DM's Sunedge set went on sale at 50% off at Renderosity, which gave me the idea for this, just this morning. I was looking around for a wallpaper of the Himlayas, but the fact is, what you see here is actually the Remarkables ... in New Zealand. If they look familiar, they should! Parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed there.

Here's the set, just as-is ... I set a half dozen lights to favor the backdrop:

And the backdrop is a wallpaper, not a Bryce or Vue images ... though it could easily have been done in either. Dave is really getting his teeth into Bruce 7 Pro, and I'm pestering for him to come and guest on this blog, tell all and show us some of the work he's doing.

Jade, September 3
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