Thursday, May 26, 2011

3D hunks on the movie set -- take two!

As promised ... here's the scene they were setting up to shoot the time the photographers caught them for an impromptu session on location. You know it had to be something like this! And here's one of the publicity 8x10s:

This would be the big scene where the arrangement is struck between the barbarians and the colonel of the cavalry contingent ... the big guy brought in, captured, thinks he's not long for this world, and walks out of there with a liaison that will divert the tide of battle.

Makes you wish you had the time to write all this stuff, doesn't it? One thing I like so much about artwork is the immediacy of it. It can cut through a hundred thousand words of plot and get to the drama like an arrow.

These are some nice renders -- quite pleased with the lighting and texturing, some of which was hand painted. And this is well worth looking at, at close to 1:1 size:

I quite like the scenario of two charismatic actors on location, making a massive fantasy movie, and I'll bet there's a novel in there somewhere!

Jade, 26 May
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