Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glam in the temple by the lake ... and Neftis to the rescue!

A little male glamour in the temple by the lake ... what they used to call "art photography," which usually meant getting gullible young women to take their clothes off. But this time, I have a reason (in case one needed a reason -- which you don't, in any case, but --).

Neftis just came to the rescue, plugging a very large gap in the hairdo department. They just released this new do, which I saw when I was over at DAZ looking for props to do a commission piece (which involves Victoria 4.5 dressed in leather and brandishing a whip -- and of course I had to buy the prop and costume). While I was there at DAZ I had a quick look around to see what's new, as I often do. And lo and behold ... a proper slick-back hairstyle with the option of a ponytail. A real Duncan McLeod -- at last!

This is a fantastic addition to the range of hairdos -- I was just apologising to a client a few weeks ago, that this exact hairstyle was not available (Hi, SL!), and then here comes Neftis to the rescue with the exact style we'd wanted, and couldn't have till this came along. Neat.

Since it was on its product launch, it was also selling at a hefty discount, so of course I had to get it along with the Indiana Jones whip ... the leather lingerie, I got at Renderosity, which can be a heck of a lot raunchier than DAZ!

So here we have a test-drive of Neftis's new hairdo -- which fits Victoria as well as the Michael 4 model. I like it a lot. Michael 4 is wearing the Jagger skinmap with the tattoos turned on, and a face and body morph designed by me (the character I call Kai). The set is a beauty, called Temple of the Shadows, which I got in a sale a long time ago ... I think it came from Content Paradise, which is Smith Micro's 3D model store, but I couldn't swear to that -- it's been so long.

There's noooo post work on these renders. None at all. These are just as she comes, because I'm on the run! Dinner is in about three minutes, and we have a thunderstorm breaking at the same time so I ought to be getting things turned off.

To that end, must run!

Jade, 21 May
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