Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Science Fiction musings

Playing with reflections and reflection maps today ... just musings in a CG science fiction scenario. Nothing major, just a framework to hang the surfacing experiments on. The big gold archways are part of a small set of constructional members ... also an experiment, because they were made specifically for Poser, as PP2 files. Installed into DAZ, they don't work -- they don't show up in the menus, so you can't load 'em up. But if you just forget about installing them, and import them, no problem.

I would love to get into Hexagon and/or Carrara, and actually make these sorts of constructional bits. Having made them, then you stick them all together and export the whole shebang as an object, an .obj ... and if you sick enough of them together (in the right order ... duh) you get starships and alien cities, and so on.

Not that I'm likely to find the time to tackle learning another interface any time soon, so -- here I am playing with existing constructional bits! And a new character, too. Somebody said to me the other day, "How come most of your characters are European, when two thirds of the people you get hot and bothered over on tv are any race and color except European?! That's a good point! Wll, they're not all Europeans, but -- yes, sure, most are...

I think it's basically because Michael 4 loads up as a European -- and you notice, both the default skinmap and the high rez skinmap are European. If you want to explore other races, other faces and body forms, you have to get creative, and when you're squishing your artwork into a few spare minutes here and there, it's frankly easier to pick up a loose ball and run with it, rather than shoulder-charge the software and find yourself on the bottom of the scrum --

Yep, rugby season is about to start. It's bucketing down, and as soon as the mud is deep enough they'll shout, "Game on!" We love Rugby Union -- and the World Cup is being played downunder this year, in New Zealand. That's going to be big fun!

So I guess you can can call the character a bit of an experiment too. Here's a new face, along with some major experiments with that floor! Reflection plus refraction plus displacement map. Very nice result.

Jade, 10 May
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