Monday, May 23, 2011

Lights, camera act ... hang on, I know that guy!

Remember the post yesterday, with the contemporary dude in the ripped jeans, set into a fantasy background ... your imagination fires up, spinning reasons, coming up with stories?

Here's what shot through my mind! Uh -- it's a movie set. And here's the co-star. You recognize one of my own characters from long ago? Leon! Turns out, he's an actor -- I guess Abaxas was probably the movie they were making.

There, you see? There was a plausible explanation after all, for how come a contemporary guy in battered denims was standing in a set from Middle Earth!

And the next thing in my mind is to put them into costume, and stage the scene they're filming...

That, and loading up the Michael 3 model, and seeing what happens when you drop a Michael 4 skinmap onto it. I promise to do this, guys -- hand on the heart. Today has been a bit of a rush, too much to do to even think about art, but tomorrow is another proposition. With a little bit of luck, I can get to it in the afternoon.

Jade, 23 May
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