Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grounded! (Love that planetarium...)

Just touching base today ... am so busy, and not in very good health, which makes time fly away like a flock of little birds! But I was looking back on one of the posts I did last week -- Starman. And I thought, "the man who fell to earth," and ... hmmm. Like Thor, like the guy in the cape -- superhero falls to earth and gets marooned in Timbuktu.

So here's our hero, stuck on earth -- flannel shirt and all! Heads out into the night and gazes at the sky, wondering how to get himself home, beyond the stars. It's a nice old, classic-SF idea. I'm sure it must have been written a good half dozen times. (Speaking of classic SF, I just discovered that oceans of Golden Age SF has hit the public domain. I stumbled into a site called Feedbooks --nice store, and a huge out-of-copyright section -- -- which is pretty amazing, since some of the big names of 20th Century SF are starting to show up there, as well as the cast-iron classics of writers like Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and so forth. Well worth a look, if you like to read...)

What's a bit interesting about these renders is the sky. I placed the whole scene inside the planetarium, so that every time you move the camera, the sky changes as it would, natually. Beats the heck out of just using a backdrop!

Jade, 25 May
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