Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey, I was right -- red dawn light for Fortunes of War

The post title tells all ... always go with your instincts, I guess. As much as I like blues and purples, sometimes the project just begs for reds and golds. Fortunes of War needed this, so I went back in, today, and swapped out the background. But I decided not to do the overpainting in gold -- it looked a it like overkill. So here we are:

And I'd call this one ready to go. The other thing that surprised me about this one was that Robin's green eyes were not coming up green on my laptop ... they do on the desktop quad which does the art, but then I transfer the renders to my laptop for uploading, because -- as you probably know! -- the desktop "art machine" is now quarantines away from the Internet in the interests of its health. (Incidentally, it's working: I drive it hard and it never hiccups now. No problems. Nada. And it's running on Vista service pack nuthin', with all my dear old programs, going back as far as 2002, running perfectly. Big grin here.) However, my laptop (which is Dell Inspiron) displays colors very differently, and Robin's green eyes looked silver-gray, which was odd. So I changed the color of them for these renders too.

Will be back later today with something good, because I just bought a new skinmap and face morph at Renderosity, and this one is going to be a treat:

Golly, that reminds me of someone... sea turtles, mate. Not guilty, guys. I didn't do the face morph or the skinmap, I just paid about ten bucks, in Australian money, and hit "download." I shall run the installers later on today, in a break between jobs, and we shall see what we shall see!

Jade, 28 May
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