Monday, May 16, 2011

Victoria 4.2 gets a new skinmap at last... good excuse for a glam shoot!

At last, a new skinmap for Victoria 4.2! Not that they don't make them by the hundreds, but you'll understand if I was more interested in getting about sixteen skinmaps for Michael 4 first. Perfectly natural obsession, right? However, I seem to have skinmaps for almost all occasions for M4 now; would like a couple more which would give me a variety of options as per eyebrows and so forth, but the library of skinmaps I have is good enough now that I can look with interest at new skins for Victoria.

This one is called Jenna, and I've had my eye on it for a while. It has a nice natural look about it -- freckles and so forth. It also comes with a variety of makeups, which absolves me of the necessity to get in there and start painting!

The character comes with face morphs too, so I toyed with this while also playing with some of the new brocade textures I got in the same sale...

It's an interesting face, but, as with most models, too young and baby-doll for my tastes! So, the ultimate experiment is to take the skinmap and plunk it onto one of my own character/face designs, and see what happens:

And that's pretty darned good. The Jenna skinmap looks great when dropped onto other face morphs -- and this is the important aspect, to me.

Mind you, this is worth a close-up look:

The effect is nice ... in a "14 year old playing in Mom's clothes" kind of way -- and when you remember that a lot of the top models prancing down the catwalks of Europe at this time are under 15, well, it gives you pause for thought!

Jade, 16 May
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