Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starman ... playing in the planetarium!

Starman, you understand. Or ... inspired by Thor? Very possibly! I wanted to play in the planetarium I was talking about the other day, but I didn't want to fly spaceships around in it -- and I did want to experiment with the new hairstyle you've been looking at lately, so ... here we are!

The character is on of mine -- I call him Sebastien; he's a face/body morph I like very much, wearing the HZ Victor skinmap, and this hairdo is the Aether hair, with which you can do amazing things. I'm liking it a lot!

The backdrops are not backdrops. Those are diffuse map changes on the planetarium -- that hemisphere known as Flinks's Sky Globe. And the foreground light effects are merge-mode overlays using a set of images called Design Flux.

Some of you are probably going to hate me for this, but these are really quick images, because I wanted to do something nice and I didn't have a lot of time! In one of them, I've used a couple of Photoshop brush effects. I was going to paint the renders somewhat extensively, and then realized I didn't have time.

Inspired by Thor. As in, THOR -- the movie. Have you seen it? And if you haven't, you need to! It opened overseas before opening in the US, so we saw it a couple of weeks ago, and if it didn't cost about $25 per ticket to see a film in 3D, we'd go back and see it again. However, I also want to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 3D, sooooo you have to make the choice. Thor, or Captain Jack. Ouch!

Jade, 17 May
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