Monday, May 2, 2011

Robots need pals too

Playing happily ... and here's the chance to mess about with a couple of new things, too. A few months ago I got the M4 Sweats costume -- in a sale, I think. Filed it, and forgot about it. Found it again when I was re-re-re-backing up data prior to the computer getting fixed.

And I have to say, this is a really good costume -- it's all in the morphs. You're not seeing much of the trick of this costume here, but you will tomorrow, when I'm going to take the same model and do a glamor shoot ... he'll be sorta kinda half wearing the costume, and you'll see what is offered by the morphs.

Meanwhile, do you recognize the character? You might, or might not! Back in March I did a "fifth musketeer" series in which you saw this guy with long hair, in candlelight. Same character -- different hair and costume.

The backdrop is an old shot of the Remarkables in New Zealand, with a moonscape painted in -- actually, with the moon that size, this probably isn't even earth. I also tweaked the color to make the sky a lot greener, to give it the alien look, all of which suits the futuristic theme... love that robot!

The droid is an old, old model -- so old, in fact, that the DAZ installers don't work right with the modern file structure. They were having a real closet-cleaner of a sale, a few months ago. So long as you didn't mind winging it with the installers, you could get stuff for $1.70 per model! This one here, the robot, is one of those. You're on your own as per textures -- it didn't ship with any -- but the model itself is really cute. Add this to the backdrop, and then stand "me and my human" on the front path of one of DM's big standing sets (I'm having a senior moment, or I'd tell you what it is!) and you get a great juxtaposition of styles and eras. You want to talk about reflections? Check out the robot!

Tomorrow I'm going to play with lights and that costume, which has some really cool morphs, as I said. Join me then!

Jade, 2 May
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