Thursday, April 29, 2010

3D Art: The Barbarian Queen ... stormlight

3D art in its purest sense: The Barbarian Queen; Stormlight ... in DAZ Studio 3, with a backdrop designed in Bryce and postworked in Gimp. And because you and I both know it's bloody COLD where she's standing, and nobody in their right mind would go out near-nekkid in this weather (only happens in comic books and teen male fantasies), let's exercise the power of 3D, and play it again, Sam:

There, the poor woman has something to wear, and the click of a mouse. Well, not quite. Okay, it takes quite a bit to get it to look like this, but ... good gods, can you imagine having to go back and repaint the whole picture because the editor said, "Awww, we wanted her nekkid," or, "We can't use this because we have a PG rating."

And there's the magic of 3D for you ... the ability to change things on the fly, so everyone can be happy with the result without the artist working for $3/hour!

This painting uses...

Victoria 4.2
Mimi skin map (but not the face or body morph)
Celestial hair
Celestial jewels set
Bikini from Horizon Redux
Color and texture on bikini, my me...
Strappy sandals from Horizon Redux
Pants and shirt from Shadow Dancer
Colors and textures on pants and shirt, by me...
Face and bod designed by me
Shrubs from PNature set
Concrete slabs from DM Instances set
Bunch of violets from Vintage Darlings set
Background: sky in Bryce, repainted in Gimp.
Lights: six distant, four point, all with shadows set.

If you're at all interested in how the set was built, and what it looks like without a babe standing in front of it, click back a couple of days, to this ... and if you're interested in the hunk who wandered into the same set, click back to yesterday ...

And tomorrow (and I can't give you a link for that; I don't have a time machine), I'm going to get both these characters into the set together ... and my video card is going to give me a hard time! Monday, with any luck at all, I'll be getting a new one.

Jade, 30 April
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