Saturday, April 3, 2010

Male nude fantasy: happy 200th Post!

Male nude ... fantasy ... beauty ... DAZ Studio 3 and Bryce 5.5 working hand in hand ... Happy 200th Post! Seriously -- this is Post #200, though you might not believe it. And while the whole image is gorgeous, the subject is so lovely, it's worth displaying as an outtake:

Click on this to see it at full-size -- I uploaded it at 1:1 size, from the original render. And speaking of the original -- it's worth looking at the background on its own, too:

It looks like some place in the western Hebrides, at about eleven at night, in midsummer. In fact, it's all done in Bryce, and this one was designed by me from the idea on up, because I had this idea in mind for a painting -- "The Sentinel."
So there you have it -- Post #200 ...! Join me tomorrow, and I'll talk about how it was done. It's not quite what you might imagine!
Jade, 3 April

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