Sunday, April 18, 2010

3D book covers, horses and underwear

Just a grab-bag today ... because it's been one of those days. You name it, it's gone ... not "wrong" but ballistic. Berserk. Bonkers. Ballierkers. There, I just invented a word. Next time the teapot falls off your handle, you can say the whole thing's gone balliserkers.

I've been doing experiments with textures and overlays -- they don't show up much (or at all really) in the reduced-size art that Blogger displays on the page, but if you click on these two renders, above, you can see them at full size ... anyone for pirates?

These pieces are heavily worked with overlays ... original art done in DAZ Studio 3, then shipped out to Serif to be composited with -- well, overlays and underlays. Then the whole thing was recombined in Serif (without mockup logos) and shipped out to Irfanview to be enhanced, before it was shipped back into Serif to have the text elements added.

Angelica: Secret Savage. Makes a change from Angelina's Savage Secret, right? Two images ... in one, our hero is enthralled. In the second, truth shows through. She's every bit the Bossy Britches she looks -- our hero is wondering if he could get away with just strangling her when no one was looking; and in Chapter 24, just before The End (and the list of new books in the back), she's going to get thrown off the ship and drowned at sea. Sad ending, that. But our hero got away with it, so he was happy, at least. (Incidentally, there's no such book, and no writer called Ethel Durkins. I hope. No one should have a name like that. I often mockup the artwork to get an idea of what it'd look like in publication.)

Others stuff I'm working on... Anyone for lingerie?

... and so on! I just didn't get around to any specific renders, so -- here's the grab bag, a peek at what I'm working on. Back tomorrow with a little bit of sanity ... and some nice images ...!

Jade, 17 April
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