Sunday, April 11, 2010

Merlin's Medieval Tavern ... amazing!

Merlin's Medieval Tavern ... what can I say? "Blown away" is the line that leaps to mind! It's going to be two posts today from me, almost certainly. Was on a tea break and installed this incredible 3D set ... and frankly, it's so amazing, I just had to do a few quick renders and share these!

Bear in mind, there are no lights set here ... nuthin' but the set "right out of the box" ... and this is only one tiny corner of it! You're flying the camera around the inside of a box: look up, down, left right, everything is 100% detailed -- then you can fly out of the box and zip around the outside of the set.

There's kitchens, bedrooms, stables, the lot ...! I just need to find my way around ... because you fly the camera down passageways and through doors... it's exactly like playing a video game, but when you find just the camera angle you want, you stop and render the shot.

Incredible! This is going to be fun beyond describing! I have noticed that even the quad core slows down a little bit with the sheer weight of props loaded in, so it's going to be interesting adding Michael and Victoria into the scenes. For the first time ever I might have to switch to wire mesh display. I'm cool with that. The alternative is to render backgrounds and ship them into a separate scene as 2D backdrops, and then load up the Tavern props in that scene as the foreground materials.

Whoa! Anyway -- had to share this! I know there's now around 30 people visiting this blog regularly, and a lot of you are taking the same path of development as myself in this field of artwork. So there's a number of you folks who'll be interested to see these first, early-days renders ... and here they are. Merlin's Medieval Tavern ... Jade's rating: 6 out of 5 stars!

Jade, 12 April
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