Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vampire beauty ... Amadeus is resurrected

The vampire is risen ... in DAZ Studio 3 ... more or less! I spent a looong time this afternoon tinkering, trying to duplicate the Amadeus you remember. Well, this one isn't identical, but he's equally drop-dead gorgeous, so we'll call him Amadeus Mark 2. There's something a little bit different -- think it's the nose, but I've been looking at this face for too long to be able to spot the difference. I might give it another shot in a couple of days, but --

Here's where we are right now! He's a rare beauty, and if his nose is not quite the same (was the original Amadeus's nose a little narrower, or is it just my imagination?) what of it? The body morphology was the simple part; the skin map also -- it's "just" the Jagger skin map, although not Jagger's face -- and the hair is the Midnight Prince hair set to white. The face, now ... that's a whole 'nother question!

If you've been following this saga, you'll know that following brain surgery performed on my computer, none of my existing DAZ projects will open. (Seems that the support files have gotten moved around, and nothing we can do here will get them into the right place to make it possible to open up the DAZ projects. I've written to the company, but haven't had a response yet ... I don't blame them: this has to be the job from hell, because as far as anyone knows the file hierarchy is already correct -- I know how to read instructions!! -- but it still doesn't work. It's a bit like buying a flatpack bookcase, putting it together by the instructions and getting a coffee table. It's a perfectly useful object, but it doesn't store a whole lot of books!)

If anyone would like to take a crack at spotting the difference between this Amadeus and the last one -- write to me, tell me what you see, so's I know what to fix! Here's a quick-list of posts where you can see the original, and compare them:


And you can contact me via GLBT Bookshelf, or by leaving a comment on the blog here. Seriously ... is it his nose?!

Incidentally, the set here is made of loads of odds and ends: just the back wall off the cloisters set, plus the ground from the DM Gate set, plus the column from the DM Arndhaus (sp?) set, plus the lanterns from the Oriental Garden set. So if you're hunting around at DAZ or Renderosity for this mix -- sorry, it's a mix-n-match job

Jade, 7 April
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