Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Barbarian Queen and her warrior ... in DAZ Studio 3.

Bryce, Gimp and DAZ Studio 3 working in cahoots and loving it! The only problem for me is -- time! Domestic stuff has utterly swamped me, so you're getting half the story today. The warrior has wandered into the set, and the storm is about to break. Here's the other character who's supposed to be here:

The Barbarian Queen, in DAZ 3D ... and here's the story: there's a battling coming, and this tribe worships the God of Storms. Right on the eve of battle there's a biiiiig storm coming in, and they're out on the moor to petition their deity to stand by them on the battlefield.

And I am so seriously out of time, I have to pick up and run as soon as I hit "publish" on this!
So join me tomorrow when the Barbarian Queen stalks into the set ...!

Jade, 29 April

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