Friday, April 2, 2010

Creating moonlight in DAZ Studio 3

Once again, would like to say thank you so much to author Linda Hines for her very kind permission to upload these images, which were done especially for her! If you've been following this blog at all, you'll be more or less up to date with the saga of the computer ... Last Episode tonight, with luck:

Most of the software is reinstalled and I have access to my files. The slooooow part of this is reinstalling all the DAZ 3D models. There were about 250 - 275 installers to run, to get back to where I was when I ran into virus problems. Tomorrow I need to run the last 80 of the model installers, and (!) I'll be back to normal!

However, in the course of going through all this I totally exhausted my supply of stashed images, and in the last couple of days I wouldn't have been able to post without Linda's kind permission to share some of the images that were done to illustrate her works!

I hardly need to say that I am soooo looking forward to having access to everything again! I spent four four hours installing software today ... tomorrow, that part of the job will be finished and we'll get the peripherals back online. Phew!

And then ... new renders! Tomorrow is a bit of a milestone: Post 200. Also, I haven't missed a day's post since the first week of October, and I like to keep up the momentum. So --

For Post 200, I'm trying to come up with something special. I have an image in my mind's eye; I'm 99.97% sure I can make this work. So, join me tomorrow for "Happy 200" --!

Jade, 2 April
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