Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3D art: the magic in color

3D fantasy ... just a few beauty shots today, because I grabbed the opportunity to take a day off, and it's been a great day but I'm really tired! So these are sort of experiments in color ... and they worked.

There's a color combo that is so impressive. You see it in movies: there's a purple sky in the background (twilight or dawn, or a storm), and they light the actors in the foreground in gold or orange. There's a shot like this in Mad Max 2, and also in Conan the Barbarian, and also (for my money, the best one) in The Vikings, which might be a classic movie -- 1958 -- but has some of the most amazing photography ever done. Still. The magic is in the juxtaposition of colors, and I've wanted to do this for ages.

The figure is the Vampire Amadeus. The background is just a quick set made of columns, a floor, a top beam. The most important items are the sky and the lights. The sky was done in Bryce and imported as a backdrop. The lights were set up soooo easily. There's only two -- an orange one and a pale yellow one, with deep shadow maps set for both.

And it really works!

Jade, 21 April
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